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IPCC & My Emotional Struggle

The life of students revolves around multiple thoughts. During our childhood days, especially when we are at the age of 9 or 10 years, we start planning about what paths we'll choose for the future. But then, those are just our grand dreams of childhood. Same was the situation with me. On seeing an aeroplane, I started thinking of becoming an air hostess, thinking that being on an airplane will be fun, owning an ice cream parlour was a dream just because my mouth can’t resist ice creams. But those were just wishes and not real dreams.

When the days were gone to play with dolls, I realised that I was standing on the path which has no end and there are numerous turns. I was unable to decide where to go. Becoming a Chartered Accountant was never a wish, but fixing myself in the doubtful situation I planned to go ahead. I filled up the form for CPT. Taking it lightly I attended the classes and appeared for the test. I was able to secure 146 though I never planned of it. But the real twists and turns started during the IPCC stage. As informed earlier CA was just a wish and not a dream but I had no other option than to prepare for IPCC than anything else. The reason was that once we are confronted with success, we can't resist ourselves from moving towards it. Thinking that I'll do it and I can't take my steps back I started with the IPCC preparations. I started focusing on my studies and was determined to clear the exam.

But there sometimes comes a stage in our life when though we try harder, though we have a goal; though we are strongly determined and motivated, success are still miles apart. Failing due to inefficient study seems justified but it is hard to face the result when it is both positive as well as negative. This does not point out passing a single group but I was unable to secure an aggregate of 50% irrespective of the fact that I managed to secure 40% marks in each subject. I passed but I failed. I was no more willing to prepare for a second attempt thinking that going for CA was a wrong decision. But the motivational kicks given by my family and friends helped me a lot in standing up for a second time. But there was still a doubt whether to go for CA or try some other career option. Deciding that this will be the last attempt i.e. taking a do or die decision, I moved on with the preparation. Failing in even a single group will mean quitting CA. After appearing for the second time I was confident for the first group but the second group was still a matter of doubt. Months passed and it was the result day. Very soon the words "likely to be declared" changed to "declared" on the website and I was shocked at what appeared on the screen. I passed the group 1 exam but failed group 2 securing an exemption in Auditing. I was in a dilemma. I was unable to take right decisions.

People like me are rare, who in spite of passing the IPCC exam are in difficult situations while taking a decision. But thinking that taking some steps back is easy and knowingly taking a decision to move ahead is really tough, I decided to move on with CA. I now wanted to appear for the remaining two papers. I now wanted to become a CA. CA was now a challenge for me. I continued my preparations along with articleship and was ultimately able to become a CA finalist. This journey of IPCC was really a tough time and the main reason was that I took a very long time to decide the right path and now I wish that it takes me just a single attempt to add the prefix "CA" to my name.

Author: Tista Athghara