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What Are Your Pursuits in Life?

Dream Big

Being a CA-student, what should take the top-most place in your mind is your desire to become CA.

I want you to free yourself from everything for 5 minutes, and imagine this:

All the problems from your life have gone. All your worries have disappeared. What bothered you in the past has no power over you today. What affected you in the past cannot affect you today.

Because you have become the person you wanted to become. You've become the powerful you. You've become the unstoppable you. You've become the best version of your own self.

Now: what will you do with your life?

Your goals in life
Will you set yourself any goals in life? Will you want to do something big, meaningful and productive with your life? Will you have ambitions in life? Will you aim to do something big with your life?

What will you do with your life?

Your reasons for opting CA
Think back to the time when you decided to opt for the CA-course. What made you do this?

Why did you opt for the CA-course? Why are you studying Chartered Accountancy? What is it that attracted you towards this course?

You may have a number of reasons behind pursuing CA. They may be money, good reputation, passion, power, or more.

But being a CA-student, what should take the top-most place in your mind is "the desire to become CA."

I've come across many CA-students who are held back from progressing in the CA-course. They're held back by the problems, distractions and emotions. Their minds are occupied with problems, distractions and destructive emotions.

Reset your mind
Your brain is a powerful organ, and your mind is a powerful tool. You can use your mind either for constructive purposes, or for destructive ones. Whatever that has taken place in your mind can either help you to achieve your goal of becoming CA, or it can hold you back.

Wash your brain off all the things that does not help you in becoming CA, that hold you back from becoming CA, and occupy your mind with the things that help you to become CA.

Fuel your mind with the desire of becoming CA. Stop looking at your problems as merely problems, and start looking at them as challenges in your pursuit of becoming CA.

Start afresh with the new you
If you're held back from progressing in the CA-course, then it's time to take a break and look at the big picture - look at your actual goal, look at the reasons behind opting for CA; look at what you did, and find out what actually contributed to your progress in CA so far, and what really held you back in your pursuit of becoming CA so far. Then take the corrective steps.

I'm going to repeat this statement because this is the most important statement for each and every CA-student who is held back from progressing in the CA-course: being a CA-student, your main goal should be to become CA. This goal should take place in your mind more than any challenges you're currently facing in life.

Please share your views and join me in the discussion below.

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