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Is It Time For You to Drop Out of the CA-Course?

The terms giving-up, quitting and dropping-out are often used interchangeably, but when it comes to dropping out of the CA-course, there are life-changing differences in their meanings.

Looking back to your time of taking the CA-course, you must have been happy about opting for the CA-course, and at that time, the scenario of you considering dropping out of the CA-course might have been 'an impossibility'.

But in the course of your CA-pursuit, things did not go the way as per your expectations. Your initial pride in doing CA then turned into shame and embarrassment. And with your motivation gone, the only thing your mind is occupied with these days is 'dropping out of the CA-course'.

Is that your CA-story so far? Let's take a few minutes of mind-walk down to this post.

Many students opt for the CA-course for many different reasons, and the disturbing thing that I've found among many CA-students is that 'they give much less importance to their want of becoming CA'. Their minds are narrowed down to thinking only about the problems in their daily lives, and 'becoming CA soon becomes a forgotten goal' to these enthusiasts. This may be your case too.

What occupies your mind?
What has your mind been occupied with in the recent past?

The mistakes you made in the past? The daily grinding in your office? Your failures in CA so far? The shame and embarrassment you feel when facing tough questions from the people in your life?

If that's your case, you need to ask yourself these questions: should your mind really be occupied with these things? Are they not holding you back from looking at the big picture of why you opted for the CA-course, what you should be doing, what you should not be doing, what should really matter to you and what should not, what is holding you back and what will help you move ahead in becoming CA?

Giving up and quitting the CA-course
The terms giving-up, quitting and dropping-out are often used interchangeably, but when it comes to dropping out of the CA-course, there are life-changing differences in their meanings.

Giving up or quitting (the CA-course) is closely related to the feelings of mental pressure, sadness and misery etc. Giving up under these circumstances means giving up on your dreams in life because your circumstances have changed, because they've become tough. Quitting under the tough times is usually a sign of surrendering your will to your weaknesses.

Giving up when feeling sad, disheartened and miserable for continuing the CA-course could be a bad decision because deciding to quit CA under these circumstances may bring you the feeling of regret later in life.

Giving up on your dreams today because your circumstances have changed and become difficult may not guarantee that you won't give up in your next pursuits in life when circumstances become challenging again.

Dropping out of the CA-course
Dropping out of the CA-course, however, means that you've found a better opportunity and you believe that your life will be much better if you drop out of the CA-course and exploit this better opportunity.

While dropping out can be a scary and risky decision, it is taken when you find yourself an opportunity that's as good as, or better than, the benefits you would reap when you achieve your goal of becoming CA. This decision is not taken under pressuring circumstances.

. . .

If you're thinking about quitting the CA-course because you're feeling sad, disheartened and miserable with your CA-student life, don't quit. Figure out the real problems in your life, fix the ones that are holding you back in your CA-pursuit, and shift your focus towards only those things which'll help you achieve your goal of becoming CA.

If you're thinking about dropping out of the CA-course to work on the opportunity that's available for you, if that opportunity is really good for you, your belief will guide your dropping out decision more than anything else.

...Have you been considering to quit or drop out of the CA-course? Did you find this article helpful to you? What's your take on quitting and dropping out of the CA-course? I'm pleased to have a conversation with you on this topic. Tell me your views in the comment section below.

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