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Suggested Topics

There are numerous topics and ideas on which you can write and help other CA students. It could be anything which can benefit some students.

For ideas, you can refer the below illustrative list:

  • Various study plans. For last 1 month. For last 3 month. Of a particualr subject or entire course.
  • Smart study guide to tackle each subject. Covering weightage of various topics, recommended source of reading, paper pattern etc.
  • Step by step guide to do complete self study.
  • Simplified notes on the most complex topics of each subject with example.
  • Your original mnemonics or tactics to memorise vast sections. For example, CARO 2015 Mnemonics
  • Summary notes for last minute revision.
  • Collection of important questions with solution.
  • Insight into how papers are checked. Ways to write scoring answers. Include ICAI answer sheet, if possible, for reference.
  • Something motivational, especially in last few days before exam.
  • Anything which you struggled with but passed through.
  • Take ideas from most downloaded content.
  • Leave your comments if you have more suggestions/ requirements.