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How is it to date a CA student?

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How is it to date a CA student?


Here are the top facts about dating a CA student. So if you have ever dated a CA student or are dating right now, you would definitely relate to these ;)

  • How much ever they love you, they will shut you out of their lives at least one month before the exams because they need to study, STUDY A LOT!!
  • They only recognize two months in the yearly calendar; May and November.
  • Patience is a virtue, is very well understood by the them.Thanks to the ICAI, they practice the art of being patient almost all the time.
  • They know how to create and maintain a balance in life, because that’s what they have learnt, debit and credit is their forte.
  •  Consistency is what they have learnt all through. While applying the accounting standards they learnt it pretty well that all they need to do is being consistent. Their consistent nature does reflect when they are in relationships as well. You can expect that his/her actions would not fluctuate from time to time. If they are sweet at the start, they probably will be sweet until the end.
  • He secures that his career life is as stable as his romantic life .
  • He makes relevant assumptions and never jumps into conclusion. He weights everything, those material ones , before making a judgment.
  • He has integrity. Just like assertions they make in Financial Statements, the words they say and actions they do are credible. So when he says you are beautiful, believe because he is truthful most of the time. He doesn’t say what he can’t prove
  • They have a never say die attitude! Of course, after giving attempts after attempt, they inculcate the art of never giving up.
  • They might have lesser time for those long calls because they have classes to attend early morning, then go on article-ship and then back to classes.
  • Commitment has never been an issue. They are very, very committed. Committed to books, committed to their career and of course, committed to you as well.
  • Your tax woes are swiftly dealt by them. So you never end up paying extra taxes out of your monthly salary.
  • Thanks to the lack of time they wouldn't even think of cheating on you. :'D
  •  Even if tax and accounts fails them, this relationship you share with them will never fail you. :-)

So all in all they make an imperfectly perfect partner <3