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14 Things You Will Miss After Completing Articleship

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14 Things You Will Miss After Completing Articleship

Even though life of a CA article is full of challenges: You have to manage morning / evening classes along with your office. Then there is work pressure in peek months, low stipend and what not. We all wait for the day to get rid this 3 years of imprisonment. There are funny, joyful, happy, anxious and sad moments too during this whole journey of articleship. Let’s have a look:

1. Cracking WiFi password:
So the office has 'free' WiFi but then nobody knows the password... A few attempts may go in vain. But then somebody cracks it ..Boooom!! The joy of free WiFi cannot be expressed in words. And when it comes to using free WiFi of your office, we praise smartness of the person who cracked the password.

2. Printing notes from Office printer:
Be it our sibling’s school assignment, our own audit amendment notes or anything, we feel we have got full rights over printer. We don’t even hesitate to print full RTP from office’s printer :P

3. Photo sessions with co-articles:
Whenever the boss is out for seminar or bank or any other purpose, we along with other co-articles do not miss a chance to start posing for pictures . Not to forget taking picture in principle’s cabin.

4. Asking for leave:
You badly want to attend the wedding of your cousin who lives in another city but you have to ask your boss! The fear that we go through while asking for leaves from bosses is unexplainable. We may even have to argue with him.

5. Partying when you receive ‘excess’ travelling and conveyance expenses from client:
The only other source of income apart from your stipend (haha) during articleship is the travelling and conveyance bill we claim from clients.

6. Enjoying free food at client’s place:
The respect and perquisite you get at your client’s place makes you feel like a REAL BOSS!

7. Stretching lunch breaks:
The time you and your co-articles gossip about bosses is the lunch time. Even though you are expected to finish it in half an hour, it gets stretched. #yar boss ki kab udayenge phir?

8. Counselling from boss after failing in exams:
The only time you like your principle is when he empathises with you after you fail in exam and guides you towards right path

9. Asking to leave early:
I once had to give a 20 minutes rapid question answer round when I asked for a half day leave. #Jane nahin denge tujhe…

10. Waiting to get form signed:
A CA knows his signature is one of the most valued thing. When you have to get your Form 108 signed, they will keep delaying it. #Imtehaan ho gayi intezar ki..

11. Waiting for stipend and cursing ICAI and your boss:
Making you work 7 hours a day for 25 days a month and paying you just a Rs. 1000. Dafuq!!

12. Hating atleast 1 staff:
There will always be atleast one staff whom you hate to the core. They can either be your boss’s ‘chamcha’ or the one who unnecessarily burdens you with work or shouts at you for no reason or the one with ‘Dedh Hoshiyari’.

13. Worrying about extension:
Calculation of 1/6 of period served every now and then.

14. Thinking of Dummy:
Atleast once we all have wondered whether it would have been better if we opted for dummy. But hey dummies can never understand this whole journey of articleship- The learning part and the fun! No matter how much you curse it , you will miss it in the end. And when you complete it, you will realize it is end of an era.!!

Author: Radhika Bissa