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A Love Story: It Happens In CA Student Life

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A Love Story: It Happens In CA Student Life

Today, a great evening, sun sets and I was sitting in my balcony with a cup of tea and watching the birds singing in the garden in front of my balcony. I don't know why but today the cup make me ball of fire, feeling so chirpy. Suddenly! Mom sounds Anikett. I said, "yes mom coming".

She was calling because tomorrow early morning I have to catch a flight. When I was in office today there was a meeting and I was selected for voyage foreign trip on behalf of my company. I am a chartered accountant & going for a project.

After the restless night finally the alarm beeped. I was in flight, feeling so happy and excited. I took my seat. After awhile announcement made, "please fasten your seat belt". Plane takes off & takes me to the blue sky. It vibes like heaven. I was looking continuously outside the window, the bluish-gray sky, how the plane is rising and buildings bellow appearing smaller and smaller. I was enjoying the moment, lost in myself.

Suddenly a voice startled me. Startled, mainly not because I was lost but because of the sweetness, the beauty of the voice. The kind your ears can't believe. "Excuse me sir, would you like to have something?" I turned back and what I saw, was so surprised to see the girl.

For a few seconds, I was stunned. She also looked surprised. Lived a million moments in those couple of seconds. And I blurt out, “Anamika, is that you, how come you here?” And she said, “Aniket right? (wo last bench wale) wow! Really I can't believe this is you. How are you?” I said, “Good! You have not changed since school.” She said, “yeah, and you too, except those specs :) ”.

She asked, “anything I would like to have”. No thanks, Anamika!

Still we both are having a big smile on our face, and that internal happiness shared thorough our eyes. And she said, “sorry Aniket, get to go. I have to attend other passengers, you enjoy. Will talk to you later". She left a smile on my face & then she went to the next row. Still I was watching her, ohh how she is pretty.

I couldn't believe my eyes that, kishmat hume phir aise mila degi”. Again I started watching outside the window & lost myself in the frame of my school days. Memories suddenly became alive in me,Kya din the wo....

How I was crazy about her, often stared her from the last bench of my classroom, wrote love letters, but never dared to give her one. She was so beautiful and princess of our class. I fought with some senior boys for her. Ohh!! How stupid I was. Holding a smile on my face, remembering those old days.

Then, my eyes started searching her. I turned back. She was standing there, having a chat with her co-peer. Holding a smile on her face, probably talking about me only. I couldn't stop myself staring her again. She became more beautiful. She also looked at me and we both smiled.

Maine man hi man me kha, "Thank you god, for this another chance. Now I have to make it count. I am a CA now, she will probably accept me."

I thought of going near Anamika to have chat with her but I knew that it's her job, so I stopped myself not to disturb her now. But all of a sudden she read my heart. She gave me a clue to come there. Mai to jaise intzar hi kar rha tha..!

I went there, trying to look calm. She smiled looking into my eyes. Usne to sawalo ki line hi lga di (jaisa mera haal tha shayad uska bhi wahi haal tha). She asked, "You just disappeared after school. So many years. What you doing now? How is life?" And I couldn't help myself but stupidly looking her, looking into her eyes. My heart almost playing bungee jumping. I said, "Oh I disappeared? You are the one who left everything after school. I even searched you on facebook. Asked many of our classmates, but no one had any clue." I paused, to hold myself not to show the excitement. After a silence, I blurted, “but you couldn't run away from me, finally I have found you”.

She started giggling on that. And said, “Enough of taunting. Tell me how come you are here?”.

Still the same commanding attitude. I smiled inside my heart, thinking that.

“My company has sent me for some work. I am working there as a CA.”

I couldn't bear any longer and straight away asked her. “Doesn't seem you are married. Boyfriend?

She laughed on that and said, “no, not really. How about you?”

I said, “no”, shyly in a low voice.

And she forced, ahem ahem, “koi to hai, tell me”.

I thought to myself, this is the best chance I could get. Getting all the courage, I started. “Well there is someone from a long time. But I couldn't tell her, and yeah I regret that. But now god has given me this chance...

And all of a sudden, the plane started shaking. I thought, why the god playing this game with me. Is this the last moment I have with her?

Suddenly! Something hit my back and I hear some office chirping going on and someone shouting my name Anikeeeeettttttttt.....!!! Aniket! Wake Up you are again sleeping in office, I need that audit report urgently. I was blank Dammnnn... The same office, same cabin, no plane, no Anamika. I gaze at my co-article in anger, because of him only that Plane Crashed!!

But then I recollected the dream and the smile that came, awww...! And the hope, one day I will be a CA and we will meet again.

Author: Astha bansal