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Why The Friends You Make During CA Will Be Your Friends For Life

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Why The Friends You Make During CA Will Be Your Friends For Life

Many of us start onto our CA journey right after class 12th whereas some of us pursue it along side regular college or even after finishing college.

Once we commence this journey, we are filled with anxiety, excitement, nervousness and whole lot of expectations of what future holds. On our road, we meet many people and the biggest source of meeting new people In chartered accountancy is through coaching classes and then the firm you do your articleship from.

Some lucky ones even find their significant others at these places but for the rest of us, the Luckier ones, we find our friends for life.

It is quite a renowned fact that chartered accountancy is for brave hearts. The course really tests your level of patience, your persistence , hard work and all your will power. The journey is not a smooth ride for many of us but what makes this long journey memorable are the friends we make during this phase.

They are there to wake us up for every morning class, infact they are the reason that we are able to enrol for and bear those long tiring lectures. They are there to save you from the senior when you bunked your office to go on a date. They are there to party with you over weekends when you are in your YOLO (you only live once) mood. They are the ones who tell your mother that you are studying with them at their house when you have actually gone for a night out.

And above all, they are there to console you when you didn’t get the result you expected because who knows you better than the one you have shared your entire journey with? They know how hard you worked for this degree, they know the countless nights you went without sleep just to revise that extra topic. They know what this degree and prefix CA would mean to you . They know the dreams you have had for your family. They know the ambitions of your life and about that start up dream which doesn’t let you sleep at nights.

I have met some of the most amazing people during past 4 years and they have been real source of inspiration for me. From inspiring me to excel at my work, to motivate me to passionately pursue my hobby, from dragging my lazy self each morning for the coaching class to learning to let loose once In a while and let go of any worry about the future. These people have helped me grow as an individual.

After your parents, if there will be anyone who will be proud of your achievements in life its going to be these friends. Consider yourself lucky if you have found one or more of such companion and cherish their presence In your life. Build as many memories together as you can . Let them know what their presence in your life means to you because in the end only the relationships you make matter in life.

And like Barney Stinson always says


Author : Astha Juneja