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Top 10 Tips for CA Students - Your Attitude Matters The Most

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Top 10 Tips for CA Students - Your Attitude Matters The Most

In a career spanning close to, one and a half decade and working with some of the best brains in the country, as I look back , I personally feel there are a few things that makes the winner stand out vis a vis their peers.

In this short Article, I am trying to summarize some of these character traits, for the benefits of the students:

1. YOUR OWN CONVICTION MATTERS THE MOST Until you are convinced that YOU CAN, even GOD may not be able to help you. I heard a great quote from the Movie Manjhi “Bhagwan ke Bharose Mat Baitho, Kya Pata Bhagwan tumhare Bharose Baitha Ho” – not a literal translation, but it goes something like this “ Do not sit idle in a hope that God will do everything , may be HE has hope, that you would be able to do everything and hence may not come to your rescue. ITS ONLY YOUR BELIEF OF SUCCESS THAT CAN GET THINGS GOING.

2. FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES – LET OTHERS DO THEIR OWN What you study matters, what others do is none of YOUR BUSINESS – Do not get upset from preparation of others. Half the time, they are worried from what you are doing.

3. “CONCEPT” ALONE IS THE MOST LETHAL WEAPON IN YOUR ARMOURY Understanding of the concept matters more than the number of times you have finished your syllabus. a. After all, chances are few that the questions you have revised would come as a God’s gift on an “As is basis in the Exam room”; b. If this were true, people appearing for the 4th or 5th time would be Rank Holders. History of results, would mostly prove otherwise.

4. FORGET THE PAST Your past school Grades need not be a reflection of your performance in CA. After all, large number of students mug up to get Great Grades at school level their Grades, and I can tell you for sure, mugging isn’t great help here.. Like I said, CONCEPTS do matter…

5. ARE YOU SERIOUS ? Start CA Course, only if you are serious about completing it. IF YOU DON’T TAKE CA SERIOUSLY, I bet it would heartily reciprocate and IT WOULD NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.

6. Get the BASICS right Today many people are in the business of confusing students. Any qualified CA would tell you that without the Study Material, you would for sure not sail through. Its like you need to have the ability to read words, before you can read sentences/paragraphs. If you don’t know how to read words, for sure you can never read sentences.

7. BALANCING IS A DIFFICULT ACT, BUT IS THE RIGHT MEDICINE Balance your time to devote equal attention to all the subjects.. there is no point of a distinction in one if you fail in any of the papers… While the tilt of mind would be to do what we are good at, balancing is more important than feelings.

8. A FRIEND ALWAYS MATTER Might seem contradictory, but you should play to your strengths to cross the lucky aggregate number. There has to be a FRIENDLY subject that should help you sail through.

9. WHO IS YOUR KRISHNA Have a person who can guide you as “SRI KRISHNA” helped ARJUNA in Mahabharata. In the midst of hectic study and tight schedules, there are always moments when you need that helping hand, who can put hands on your shoulders and say, its fine and YOU WILL MAKE IT. This Krishna can be anyone.

10. HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF Some wise men said “Those who don’t learn from History, are bound to be doomed”.. Same applies here as well.. Past papers give you great insight of the mindset of the paper setters. Do look at them on a regular basis as you study a particular Chapter, and not when the exams are near. Its better to prepare 80% chapters completely, than 100% with an average learning curve. While I would agree with your point of view that CA is a tough journey, but I can definitely say that the rewards are worth pursuing.

The testimony to this is the 229,000 + members who are there. You may say, that there are a larger number of unsuccessful people as well. I would say I AGREE.. but again, it’s a matter of where you want to be.. FOCUS only on that.. YOU need only one seat, and we all know that there are 5000+ CA in every attempt.. Try for that 1 seat and I am sure, you will get it.. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.


Author: Arinjay Kumar Jain