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CA - Why Brilliant Students Underperform As Average Students?

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CA - Why Brilliant Students Underperform As Average Students?

This is the issue which surprises students, their parents and even their teachers.

A student who used to score the highest marks in the class or the university; suddenly fails in professional examinations.

From initial level till qualification; there is no difference between Cricket and Chartered Accountancy Course. Despite having tough net-practice; either your performance is outstanding or you are out in the very first ball. You have seenVirendra Sehwagbeing out in very first ball; but it does not mean that he is not a performer. Similarly; the students who pursue CA course; despite having abilities; are unable to perform well initially. A student “qualifies” accountancy in XI, XII, CPT, B.Com, IPCC but such 30% “qualified” students fail in the very first paper of Accountancy in CA Final !Whereas this is the core subject for all of them. On the basis of interest in accountancy; they joined this course !

So we are forced to think about some peculiarities of Chartered Accountancy Profession. Although; after qualification of CA; there is only repeated performance and no question of failure ! In this sense; it is better than Cricket.

Some students got rank in CA inter and then after it took 5-6 attempts to qualify as a chartered accountant!

I am sure even after qualifying the exam; students are not sure what was the reason of failure till now. They just know: This time our luck favoured!

Till schooling; nothing is asked out of text books. There may be a change in the figures of the questions say in Accountancy, Statistics and Maths; but the moment any question comes out of the syllabus; not only students woes; their parents also “revolt” against the examination board.

There is a basic fault in our education system which highly decides the performance of a student on the basis of marks scored.

Yesterday; one student of MBA(Economics) came for a job. Before starting; as usually happen; he asked: How much “salary” would be there. I replied: “What you deserve.”

I started with one question: Do you know  what is the meaning of "correlation" in Statistics. He replied easily as he was Third Rank Holder of the University of South Gujarat. I further asked: What is correlation between Statistics and Economics. This time he could not "correlate" his eyes with me!

I further asked: You claim that you have worked for one year with Import Export consultancy firm. Tell me what was the reason that rupee fell against US$. Again he could not reply. I asked him: Give me the names of magazines which are published for students like you. The answer was :(

And this happened when he paid Rs.2 lacs for “such” education. After asking some more questions; I concluded that  faculties were not on fault; he was of misconception that by passing MBE he would get a good job.   

After questioning something more; he realized that initially he “deserves” only Rs.8,000-10,000 pm. because I gave him “options” to give in writing in terms of Economics (as he was Master in Economics):

1. What you Expect
2. What you Deserve and
3. What is Market Rate (candidates like you).

Most of the professional students focus only on books; notes and depend themselves on coaching. They never try to think over the subjects what is the importance of a particular subject.

Better also ask yourself why these subjects have been included into your syllabus. Do you have any suggestion that some other subjects should be included in place of subjects which you are forced to study? If yes, then definitely you would be among the first who may change the Education System in India in future.

It is true that brilliant students can focus their attention towards studies. But in professional examinations; they should widen their area of studies. They should regularly read and analyze Institute’s Journal, other Professional Magazines and Newspapers.

An overview of above would be sufficient to “upgrade” the vision towards professional qualification.

Those who had invested Rs.1 Cr. on the advice of a portfolio manager(who might be either a CA/CS/CWA or MBA in Finance/Economics)in the stock markets in the last week of December, 2011;have earned Rs.30 lacs by 15th of January,2012 and the manager has earned Rs.2 lacs by giving such  advice.

This analysis will also give an insight about becoming an Entrepreneur rather than to think about a Job only.


A professional is a “master key” which “unlocks” all the possible opportunities of “treasure". A single right “advice” can reward  you certain “lacs” and the society (the clients) will be benefitted by certain “crores.”