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Story of a CA Who Failed 8th Times in CA Final

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Story of a CA Who Failed 8th Times in CA Final

Most students slip into depression, give up on education or their dreams, or take some extreme step after facing failure - But NOT ME, " says CA Sumit Dawar who has failed 8 times in CA Final and has set an example with his persistent diligence to realise his dreams.

"My CA journey started in 2005 after I completed my 12 th Std and continued till 2014, where I finally became a Chartered Accountant (CA).

CPT and IPCC I cleared in ONE GO, however, CA Final I took 8 attempts to clear, yes EIGHT ATTEMPTS.

Well, it obviously wasn't easy for me emotionally and mentally. I was a topper in my school and suddenly failing so many times used to make me doubt myself. It was tough to attend family functions with everyone asking me the same question - BETA CA HO GAYI... They looked at me with those EYES OF BEING LAZY OR BEING DUMB; they used to indirectly tell me that I WASN'T GIVING MY BEST. But I was studying really hard for 3 months before every attempt and was always short of 1 or 2 marks to pass the exam.

There were days when I felt like quitting CA. However the fact that I cleared 2 exams in one go, completed my 3 years of articleship and just had one more exam, I kept chasing CA with the HOPE that this attempt may be I would clear CA.

I suffered several health issues due to stress. My parents suggested I quit they were super supportive, but something in me wanted to complete it. Being the son of a Defence Personnel quitting I could not think of giving up!!!

Today I have my own CA firm, I travel around and currently working on my travel blog. I discovered my love for travelling during my articleship, so that's a big thank you to CA. Also after every failed attempt I would take a short trip and discover the real me. My goal is now to travel the world and live a content life.

CA has given me that COURAGE that no failure can be worse than it.

CA has TAUGHT ME that luck also matters but luck will be in your favour ONLY if you continue working hard work because in the journey of success there are no short cuts. In the end, I want to be known as a man who never failed because I never accepted my failures.

However when I think of my journey now may be I could pursue CPA or ACCA instead of struggling so much. But no complaints CA has made be very STRONG.

My ADVICE TO OTHERS IS - One should know what one wants from life. If pursuing CA is the means to ACHIEVE YOUR MAIN GOAL then chase CA else chase what leads you to your goal. Following this route, you will achieve what you want in life easier and faster.

Moreover, when you get registered in a CA firm sometimes you have to deal with the same clients for 3 years during your articleship (Bank audits in my case) because of which I got very less exposure in taxation. So my suggestion is to always SEEK AND ASK for variety from Audit to Taxation to everything during your articleship period, so one knows what ALL a CA can do," he concluded.