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How Can I Overcome My Failure in CA-IPCC Exam Again and Again?

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How Can I Overcome My Failure in CA-IPCC Exam Again and Again?

I cleared my IPCC in my second attempt. Right now, i am going to try and explain how the second was different from the first.

First Attempt:

  • Did not take the exam seriously initially
  • Believed that like my school exams last minute study would suffice.
  • Kept procrastinating.

All the above habits led to a huge pile up on me towards the end. With only 2 months remaining in hand the pressure was more than anything and I had a nervous breakdown. I made the mistake of linking my exams and results with family pride and respect, repute before friends and the ego hit of the faliure tag. and all such nonsense things. You would know how it goes.

Cut to result day. FAIL. Had an exemption in 2 papers. Tax and Advance Accounts.

I was surprised I felt no remorse on the result. The voice inside my head kept telling me that I had no right to cry over something I had not even worked hard enough for.

Within a week of the result i started preparing for the second trial. The drill wasnt much different. I was still taking it lightly. However during this time a friend of mine introduced me to the Geeta Way of Life which implies the following:



I realized that whenever I studied I was very concerned about the results. A million What Ifs kept darting in my mind.

What if I’m already late to start studying?

What if i fail again?

What if the paper is very tough?

What will my parents/friends think of me when i fail again?

What if I am not doing it correct?

It was only and only this quote which sailed me through. I completely surrendered myself to only studying mindlessly. Without worrying where would it lead to. i made the shift from Goal Oriented to Process Oriented. As i invested further in this mindset i actually started enjoying myself. I was willing to study more holistically. I was curious about what I read. I googled on to gain a deeper understanding. Gradually everything I studied became an embedded memory.

So yes, in my second attempt i scored a 389/700.

My firm belief is that any exam is more of a mind game than anything else. The secret lies in a good attitude. Don’t be intimidated by your syllabus. Take it by the horns! Enjoy it, live it. Believe me once you dive in you will be surprised to realize that all the fuss was about nothing!

Good Results should be a very natural outcome of the whole process of learning, not the Goal.

I wish you all the very best and pray for your success :)

Author: Zeal Raichura