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Preparation for CA Final in just 2-3 months is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible either. Further CA is a career oriented course so detailed study is very much desired. But when the time is short, there are few points which may be considered for quick preparation to crack CA Final in just 2 months.

For this, you have to be committed towards your study and goal.


Preparation of CA final requires a lot of energy, planning and time. So if you have the short time for preparation than it is recommended to follow the basics of study.

Some of the basics of study are as follows especially when the time is short:

1. Follow scanner for preparation and checking the preference of chapters. This will help you to utilize your time in a much better way. A scanner is a compilation of questions asked in previous examinations.

2. Avoid non-imp topics and chapters because there are lots of topics which are totally irrelevant for the exam. In fact Study mat itself is full of irrelevant stuff. So develop a sense what is useful for exam purpose and left the other material.

3. Go for selective study as time is short. However for a professional course like CA selective study is not recommended at all. CA is a course which requires a lot of time and study to go deep into the provisions and practicalities.

4. Never waste time. Correct utilization of Time is indeed a key to success as we all know the importance of time in professional studies. One more issue I’d like to raise here is the correct utilization of time after exams. Most of the students waste the time available between exams and results. I would advise you to please utilize the time available between exams and results because it is not a short time but it’s a long period of 2-3 months. So I’d request you to please make proper planning to utilize this time period.

5. Discuss topics with friends for good grip. It is a very good idea to re call provisions in the exam hall.

6. Take advice from CA final experience holder. Trust me their advice can really help you regarding what to prepare and what to skip.

7. Usage of correct books and Notes is also very important to preserve your energy and keep your preparation on the right path.

8. Further, it is advisable to go through ICAI study mat quickly because chances of asking questions from study mat have gone up these days.

9. Also make some space for revision also. Ok time is less but that is not an excuse as revision is an indispensable part of preparation.


I hope this article helps you all in one way or the other. After reading this article you are requested to please share your view.