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Reservation in Chartered Accountancy Course - A Venom

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Reservation in Chartered Accountancy Course - A Venom


The Chartered Accountant fraternity and students who are registered in Chartered Accountancy course of India were shaken deep inside when the news circulated in the social media regarding Reservation in CA. The mayhem was so full of panic that the rumour was discussed by thousands of students blaming ICAI for this pathetic move. Some of the websites even confirmed the news by posting a full-fledged article on their websites leading to the infusion of terror in the minds.

The News which circulated in the market was that some persons have approached the court of law seeking reservations in the Chartered Accountancy course. After encountering with the news provided by Websites and social media platforms students started an endless discussion. Some claimed that ICAI has approved the reservations in Pass percentage whereas some claimed that ICAI has approved the reservations only for Campus placements. The back-fence talk regarding reservations in CA leaded a way to many heard and unheard falsehood.

However on 10th December 2017, ICAI clarified by way of announcement on their official website the hearsay which was revolving in social media which is as follows,

“The Institute has come across certain messages that are being aired in social media that some persons have approached to the Court of Law seeking direction to the Institute for making provisions for reservation in the Chartered Accountancy course. 

 In this regard, it is hereby informed that as per the information available with the Institute, no such case has been instituted in any Court of Law by any person seeking direction to the Institute for making provision for reservation in Chartered Accountancy course as no notice has been received by the Institute till date.

 The general public is hereby advised not to pay any heed to such messages as being circulated by unscrupulous persons.”

Secretary, ICAI 


The clarification by ICAI is a much appreciable and commendable move to stop all stories and granted relief to the students registered in Chartered Accountancy course and the Chartered accountants who have passed this course which demands a lot of consistent hard work and sacrifices.

However, the person who started this hoax was just to seek attention towards the reservation which is not provided in CA Course. However, The Institute, Chartered Accountants and the students registered in CA course gave a tight slap to such people who were involved in this heinous act by showing dis-interest for reservation with the massive majority. The Chartered Accountant fraternity of India once again proved that they have a strong belief system on them and they will do the course only by heading a way towards hard work to reach their goal.

 However, the question emerges that why the professional course such as CA, CS, CMA etc is left with the venomous vice of Reservation.

The discussions regarding such question are still going on in social media and people have different views. However, In my opinion, the reason is very straight-forward that in every other course such as Engineering, MBBS, MS, Fashion designing etc, there is a limit of the number of seats in the colleges and with the reservations, some of the seats get reserved for backwards class and minorities only for the purpose of Entrance exams so as to qualify it. However once, the reserved person clears the entrance, these people are equal to others who have qualified the entrance exams with their hard work. But, since, there is no such limit of seats in CA and any other professional course such as Company Secretary, Cost and Management Accountant etc. Any number of students can enter in such courses and therefore, the need to reserve the seats in professional courses is irrelevant.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India gives an equal opportunity to every candidate sitting in the examination to get passed and therefore rather than blaming ICAI for each and everything which happens in the life of students, we should now start appreciating the Institute.

What are your views regarding the same? You can also share your opinion in the comment section below.

Author: Priyanka Maheshwari