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How to Find top CA Firms in your City for Articleship?

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How to Find top CA Firms in your City for Articleship?


Articleship is the essence of CA course and every ca student's dream is to pursue articleship from top CA firm. It is the articleship which transforms a CA student into a Chartered Accountant. But a question comes in mind how to find top CA firms.

The obvious answer would be to Google "Top CA firms in Delhi" but does it solves the purpose? It will display 10 to 20 big CA firms like PwC, EY, SP Chopra etc. but these firms take students views based on the recommendation (exceptions might there).

No standard framework has been devised which enables the identification of top CA firms in a city. From the eyes of a CA student, a top CA firm is one which has huge clients base. But the problem is how to find the clients database of a CA firm which is not shared on public domain due to strict regulations in Chartered Accountants Act.


Step 1- Prepare a Resume.

Step 2- Prepare the list of companies falling in below categories in an excel file

  • Public Sector Undertakings (Google it)
  • Public Sector Banks  (RBI website)
  • Private sector banks (RBI website)
  • Listed Companies 
  • Unlisted Companies 

Step 3- Download the latest annual reports of all the Companies.

Step 4- Note down the name of the statutory auditors from the annual report and make a list in the excel file.

Step 5- Google the CA firms and try to find whether their head office or branch offices are located in the city in which you want to do Articleship.

Step 6- Shortlist the CA firms based on your preferences.

Step 7- Physically hand over your resumes to the address of CA firms.

Step 8- If physically submission is not possible then post your resume on their career webpage.

Although this is tedious work but you can take help from your friends to make list.

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