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How Can CA Students Make Good Money While Studying?

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How Can CA Students Make Good Money While Studying?

What if I tell you that by just studying your subjects of CA-CPT, CA-IPCC or CA-Finals, you can make money.

The work we do outside of the office such as Registration, Filing of Returns, and Consultancy etc is essential to get our pocket money but it also creates huge hindrance in our preparations for the exam. So is there a way with which you can study and still earn. Won?t it be a win-win situation for you??

Therefore, we are coming up with a revolutionary idea which can surprisingly enhance your way of studying and can make you money as well.?

In spite of lots of institute material. Teachers. Books. Individual notes. Forums etc. CA course is still vast and complicated.

For example, maths is complicated until you understand it. If explained correctly you can understand the concepts and it will seem easy. By correctly I mean what suits you better. Some prefer teacher A over B and vice versa. Each human being is different. One explanation isn't correct for everybody. So what we need is variety.

At times I don't understand from the teacher. And I ask a friend sitting next to and it clicks. That moment what my friend explained is correct to me. And it's not that he is better than the teacher. But because as a student himself, he can relate what difficulty I am facing.

You know there are thousands of students who are excellent in CA final Direct Tax (DT). Wonder how?

Why look DT as a whole? Let's break DT into topics. Profits and Gains from Business and Profession (PGBP), Transfer Pricing etc. Are there thousands of students good in PGBP? Thousands good in Transfer Pricing, etc. If so can we say there are thousands of students good in DT? And similarly for other subjects.

Team A: Handful(<10) of DT teachers for thousands of students who can understand our difficulty.
Team B: Thousands of excellent students in DT who can relate to our difficulty.

Given this, which team do you think is more suited for a correct explanation?

So the idea is let students solve students problems. Let students good in PGBP write notes on PGBP. Similarly for transfer pricing etc. And if I am facing difficulty in PGBP. I will find a correctly explained PGBP note (correct for me) and pay the author (the student).

How much should I pay?

If I have to answer the below questions.
Write about Mahatma Gandhi? [3 marks]
-- 10 lines --

Write about Mahatma Gandhi? [10 marks]
-- 10 pages --

Whatever relevant I know about Baapu I will include in 10 lines. And just for the sake of 10 marks, I would write if Mahatma Gandhi would have liked DDLJ or not. And both 10 lines and 10 pages are correctly explained.

So to keep things relevant and focused on a particular topic will keep the price at Rs 20 per note.

Just to make it clear. Let's take an example:
Even after taking classes, books and all we still get doubts. And we end up asking our friends and at times we couldn't get it cleared and end up cramming or leaving it to fate. Assume the doubt was on PGBP. Say you are good at PGBP and can relate where students face difficulty. If so all you have to do is create your notes on PGBP. Upload it on Cacharya. To access your notes the user has to pay Rs 20. He/ She can see a preview before paying. Basically, it's pay per download. For each download, you get Rs 20.

Earning possibilities:
If your notes are downloaded 1000 times then you make Rs 20,000.

Learning possibilities:
Even if you buy 100 notes per subject, it comes to only Rs 2,000. Compare this to taking classes and time spent.

Let's make it possible together. Upload your notes here.

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