The Ultimate Guide to CA Final

After being a user for years in CCI, just now I felt that I should share something with members. Here by I am sharing something which I have a clear understanding about the obvious question that will be raised to every ca final student 'How do I clear in this attempt?'.The information appearing here is purely depends on my understanding based on reading R... Full Article Share

Common mistakes made in CA exams

Ignoring Institute's Study Material and Practice Manual by relying blindly on reference books you are putting more effort to cover some irrelevant topics that are not required for examination. The Institutes material is a bible for scoring exemption in all subjects at IPCC. . . Not revising within 24 hours. It doesn't matter how much you study, if you aren... Full Article Share

How to tackle CA IPCC Taxation?

Hello, IPCCians !! Be not afraid of anything, you will do marvellous work. Have belief in yourself. I will be sharing here how to face the subject and how to prepare for your exam. . . First of all, I would like to say that tax is a high scoring subject and you can get above 60 with a well-prepared . strategy. I have seen most of the students are much worr... Full Article Share

Payment of Tax, Interest and Penalty in GST Law

CA Sanjeev Singhal. . How the liabilities in respect of Tax , interest, penalty and other dues under the GST shall be paid, have been summarized hereunder. How the same shall be entered in various register etc. All this is prescribed in Section 44 and Section 45 of the revised GST Law and GST Payment Rules ,2016.. Payment of Tax , Interest , Penalty . ? Every... Full Article Share

CA IPCE Amendments in Indirect Taxation

Basic Concepts of Indirect Taxes . . UNIT – 2: Central Excise Duty . . 1. Excise duty of 1% (without CENVAT credit) or 12.5% (with CENVAT credit) has been levied on articles of jewellery [excluding silver jewellery]. A jewellery manufacturer will be eligible for exemption from excise duty on first clearances upto Rs. 10 crore during a financial year, if his... Full Article Share